The System

Premron CHS Underground Conveyor SystemThe Premron CHS “Continuous Haulage System” is set to revolutionise the Gateroad Development in an Underground Coal Mine application, by way of significant improvements in Safety, Productivity, Performance and Acceptance of this new Technology, the Premron CHS “Continuous Haulage System”.

This system will be used to remove Product from the  face and transport the payload directly to the Panel Belt Conveyor, hence removing the requirement for Shuttle Cars and providing the Australian Coal Industry with a Safe and ‘Continuous’ Coal Haulage System.

The Premron CHS is an “Enclosed Belt System”, which has been proven in above ground installations worldwide (see Premron EBS). The System uses an enclosed pouch, shaped as a ‘tear drop’ enclosing the Payload ensuring ‘dust free’ conveying. Coal from a Continuous Miner is loaded into a ‘Self Propelled Crusher Car’. The Crusher Car sizes the coal ore and loads the coal into the Premron CHS Tail End (an on-board Sizer on the miner will eliminate the need for this Crusher Car).


The Conveyor Belt closes into its unique tear drop shape and transports the product through the Gate Road, negotiating the tight radius corners until it reaches the existing Mine Panel Belt Conveyor, where the Belt opens out flat and discharges the product onto the Panel Belt, via a Head Pulley. From here, the Belt closes back up and returns along the same route as before, until it reaches the Tail End Pulley, where it starts it’s journey again.

The Premron CHS Conveyor is supported from a Trolley System, that is mounted on the Underground Mine Monorail. Each Trolley will be approximately 3.0m long and will be linked via a hitch point/ link arm and be fitted to the monorail beam via Girder Trolleys. The Trolley System will allow the Premron CHS Conveyor to tram with the Continuous Miner, but also move out of the way (reverse) of the Continuous Miner, when required. The Trolley System will have the ability to reverse back over the Panel Belt also. The Trolleys small physical size, allows for very little ventilation requirements and has the ability to allow service vehicles along the side of the Conveyor System and access to the Continuous Miner for consumables. The Continuous Miner Services including the Ventilation Duct, can be either run independent to the Premron CHS, or mounted along the Trolley System.

The drive for such a “continuous haulage system” is paramount within the Mining Industry. The benefits will be considerable to Underground Mines with a potential to cut Gate-Roads at a higher capacity, lower cost and more importantly, in a safer fashion. Ultimately a fully autonomous Mining System will be reaslised.


  • The ability to negotiate tight turns at a small radius (Radius 6m – Typical cut thru)
  • Ability to be mounted off existing monorail system.
  • Very small operating window minimal ventilation requirements and the ability to get consumables to the mine face.
  • No Floor Maintenance required to Gate road (grading or levelling)
  • Integrated miner services incorporated into conveyor system.
  • Light weight structures (minimal costs).
  • Payload is totally enclosed ensuring dust free conveying; no spillage
  • Self-tracking and minimal belt stretch, reduced wear and fatigue; all attributes that reduce belt maintenance.
  • Low capital cost of system as well as low stores inventory required for the conveyor (all components are standard).
  • Possible to achieve 10m Per Operating Hour