The System

Premron Ebs Conveyor System



The Premron EBS (Enclosed Belt System) uses a rubber 2ply reinforced belt that is formed not as a trough, but as an enclosed pouch shaped as a ‘tear drop’. The belt has triangular wedges profiled on both edges, allowing the pouch to be suspended between a pair of idlers, enclosing the ‘pay load’ and ensuring ‘Dust Free’ conveying.

Instead of having a single high cost/high powered drive, the system has multi-low powered, low cost, drives that are controlled and strategically placed along the Belt, resulting in very low belt tensions.




This allows the Premron Enclosed Belt System to have:

  • The ability to negotiate tight turns at a small radius.
  • No costly transfer towers required for change in conveyor direction, which also cuts out dust/spillage issues at transfer stations.
  • Ability to run the conveyor around existing plant and equipment on site in various orientations (supported or suspended).
  • Conveyor can travel up steep inclines (36degree).
  • Payload is totally enclosed ensuring dust free conveying; no spillage, odour control (hazardous product containment) & ingress of rain which alleviates ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CONVEYING.
  • Carry and return strands of belt can be loaded in both directions and can follow different routes.
  • Light weight structures (minimal costs) (average weight = 200kg/m).
  • Ability to be mounted off existing structures.
  • Minimal civil infrastructure (if any) / None of the ‘traditional’ heavy drive footings required.
  • Very small gravity take-up assemblies required (nominally 300kg mass)
  • Self tracking and minimal belt stretch, reduced wear and fatigue; all attributes that reduce belt maintenance.
  • Ease of conveyor extension or re-directional change (can be skid mounted).
  • Ability for low cost belt extension or re-routing via a simple hot vulcanise splice similar to a normal traditional trough belt splice.
  • Low capital cost of system as well as low stores inventory required for the conveyor (all components are standard).